048 | Social Media - How to drop fear of being seen online and brand yourself as an industry expert

Today's podcast show is a little different this week and I'm excited to mix it up! This topic was submitted by one of the show listeners asking about how to build a social media presence online as a small business owner and entrepreneur. There is SO MUCH to say about this topic, by no means did I cover all of it in this one show, but this is a great place to start because these are typical feelings mindset challenges that come up when you first put yourself and business online for all to see.

I love when I gain feedback and suggestions from listeners because ultimately my top priority is to ensure I'm delivering content that's going to help you succeed and live your BEST LIFE!

Today's episode covers 3 fears that can come up when making the commitment to GO BIG on social media and begin to build your business brand:
1. What if I run out of content? Then I'm going to look silly in front of everyone, and all will notice I didn't have enough to share!
2. What if I can't keep up with how fast the online world is moving? Will the time I put in to social media pay off? Is it worth it for me?
3. What if my business branding doesn't stand out? What if I just blend in with everyone and everything else online?

I gathered info and research for this show from a couple different places:
1. Being the serial life-long learner I am, I'm always attending webinars, reading content online, and try to stay engaged as best I can in specialized topic groups on Facebook and LinkedIn - these fears align with ones I see come up a lot for other people too! (You're not alone!)
2. Many of my coaching clients are looking to start and grow a business of their own! Questions about branding is always one I love to dive into. Typically, I find allowing themselves to be seen is a greater challenge for them over actually finding out what to post, when, and how. The fears talked about on today's show are the main three I help my clients work through. 
3. Lastly, I can personally speak on this topic because I too have had to work through challenges, fears, and self-doubt and find ways to build my own confidence!

Getting to a place where you feel confident, and comfortable in consistently putting yourself out there is an on-going task. If there's every a moment you feel unsupported in doing so you can rely on me, knowing I am always rooting for you and want you to succeed!!

Tune in to today's show to gain inside into how I personally moved through these fears, and now what I have the opportunity to help my coaching clients with!

Even if you're not looking to own your own business, the tips I share today can be applied if you create content online in any form: LinkedIn, Twitter, or possibly a personal website. These tips can help you build a strong personal brand and start to market yourself in your industry as an expert.

Photo by STIL