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Jessica is an author and public speaker. She wrote the book, 'YOUR TWENTIES, a book about navigating change and transition and taking good care of ourselves as we navigate the 'real world'.

She’s a career advisor, podcaster of the show titled 'Career Coaching Jessness'.

She incorporates essential oils into both her personal and professional life and sells them as a Wellness Advocate with Doterra. Jess partner’s with Doterra because of our commitment to purity, sustainability + respect for farmers and the Earth.

Jess is based in Santa Cruz, CA and travels the world speaking at events, workshops, conferences and universities.

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“Our career is a mirror.”

- Jessica Smith


Finding work we enjoy is a process of leaning on a variety of modalities to get in touch with our Truest Nature, our most authentic Self. When we are connected to our Truest Nature we are living life as our most authentic self, therefore in career flow and attracting the right people, places and things to support us in our journey of self-discovery.

My process isn’t like anything you will see in the mainstream career coaching industry because my approach is from the inside out. I invite you to go within and explore all of your wonderful talents, skills and interests. I encourage you to leave your mind at the door and go within, partnering with your -NESS to align with your deepest desires.

Our career is a mirror. When your career isn’t going the way you want, there is misalignment on the inside.

Let’s rewrite our careers by embodying ALL that we are. It’s not what we DO that gets us the job, it’s who we ARE and how we BE.


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