062 | Internal Interviews - How to prep for an internal interview for a role at your current company

This week on the podcast I open the show telling you about how I’m redesigning my path to success. This new path goes by the name: heart-centered hustle.

Heart-centered hustle means to work hard, but not so hard, you work yourself to the bone and feel burnt out 24/7. It’s about living an empowered high-vibe lifestyle that supports the work you're here to do in the world.

A big part of heart-centered hustle is taking good care of your mind body + spirit along the way. I invite you to join me in this new way of work movement.

I’m offering classes every Tuesday at 6:30 pm PST until the end of the year on how to incorporate heart-centered hustle into your new path to success too!

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For today's topic, the main thing I want you to keep in mind when interviewing with people you know is that you still want to be as descriptive as possible when answering, almost as if you didn't know the people who are interviewing you.

PRO TIP: It's common for people to be more casual and answer questions in less detail because it's easy to assume they know what you did. But it's not just about the facts that are important (the who, what, where and when. While you'll need to share those details in your answers, you should always be focused on sharing what you can't see on a resume. (Which is typically the why and how which is made up of your own unique skills and personality).

Listen to this week's show to learn more about all the tips I share for interviewing internally.

Here are the three things I did to help move from tech recruiting to my new learning and development role: (watch the video in the Career Cafeé for more deets! video: www.facebook.com/JessnessRequired…150521305047721/)
1. Formally expressed my interest for the position to my manager and her manager
2. Meeting with the VP of HR to showcase interest and also present L&D vision and ideas
3. Do an assignment or put together something above and beyond your job to help impact the other business


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I recorded a live video going over the three things I did to help me internally move from tech recruiting to my new learning and development position in more detail in the career cafe, link in show notes for that: www.facebook.com/JessnessRequired…150521305047721/

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