044 | First Time Managers - How to positively develop your team without being an ass

I'm excited to share today's show with you because this topic was requested by one of YOU, a listener of the show! Thanks Calvin for reaching out and suggesting this topic!!

Calvin recently became a first time manager and wanted to know, "how to create balance between being a good verses bad manager."

Calvin clarified a bad manager as someone who might be hypercritical of the work completed by their direct reports. They could even be slightly controlling with how they'd like to see that work completed as well. However, the controlling aspect is more for the sake of wanting that work to be done correctly.

Calvin wants to understand how to give his team flexibility so that they can work independently, and get things done their own way. BUT still get the job done RIGHT.

It's a FANTASTIC question! I was super excited to hear this topic requested. Truth is, no one is BORN a people manager, NO ONE.

It takes practice and skill. If you're a first time manager, I first want to give you props because by no means is this an easy position to be in. I've been there...it's extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to play this type of role in someone's career...buuuuuut it's also one of the toughest positions out there because there are times you're gonna have to be the bad guy.

As a manager you manage performance expectations, daily tasks, goals, personal issues, and everything in between. The important part is that you keep trying new things, and keep getting to know your team on an individual basis. *** From my personal experience, the better I know my coworkers, the easier it is to work with them and make progress as a team.

Whether you manage a group of people now or have a goal to become a manager later, this episode is for you.

Even if managing people isn't on your radar, I'm a strong believer in self-development and encourage you to tune in because no matter what role you're in, working with others is bound to be part of it. This episode will give you some insight to working on a team as well.

In today's episode, I go over three key strategies to use as a people manager to ensure you're creating a safe space for employee development and trust. Plus, when you put these tactics in place, you can be sure to have a positive impact on the people who report in to you!

Photo by Breather