040 | The B Word - What's up with society viewing busyness as a status symbol? Does it help our job?

This episode is about the B word.
Not THAT B word...
We're talking about the word: BUSY.

What is up with our society viewing busyness as a status symbol?
If you're not busy, you're not important. 
If you're not busy, you're not doing enough. 
It's everywhere!

I find myself falling into this mindset trap over and over and over. It will continuously be a lesson I learn, and it's always something I'm looking to improve. I like talking about what I am working on in my own life and career, speak from my own experience, and share it with you. Chances are we are all going through similar things when focusing on advancing our careers. The way it looks may be different depending on our situation, company, and job itself but I find that more often than not...the mean of the challenges are still the same.

My take-away question for you is: Are we filling our plates with busy-work? Or are we spending time strategically so that it helps us get to where we want to go?

Look around to leaders within your organization. Do they appear frantic? Do they give off the energy of being so busy, they don't have time for their employees or teammates? I bet you'll find for most, the answer to those questions are no.

Tune into this episode for a reset on the concept of being busy. It's time to drop the idea that if we're not ultra busy we're not doing it right. Cause that's simply not true.

Photo by Melinda Pack