039 | Finding Work Abroad - Three things I did to help land me a career when living in New Zealand

After graduating from Chico State with my bachelors in Event Management and Tourism, I moved to New Zealand! I lived there for two years, and worked throughout the entire time I was there. A whole lot of odd jobs, some super random, some I liked, some I hated...the point is...

I know what it's like find a job in a new and foreign place. Whether you're looking to move from one city to the other, or move countries like I did, this episode can help get you to where you want to go.

Is it twice as hard landing a job in a foreign location? Yes.

But looking back on the experience, I realize there were three main things I incorporated in my job hunt that helped me eventually land a career I loved. For my final year in NZ I worked as a Sales Account Executive for a marine tourism company selling Whale and Dolphin Safari's, America's Cup Sailing Experience....it was legit to say the least. I even went sailing on my first day of work, RAD.

- You have to start somewhere
- Be your own best advocate
- Face the facts, you're going to work your a** off

Listen to today's episode to hear about how I put the three things listed above into action with my job hunt abroad.

Photo by J. Kelly Brito