034 | Phone Screen Strategies - How to use emotional intelligence to create a true human connection

Let's face it, when you're out there in the big world of job hunting it can be intimidating to think about all the other people interviewing for the same job you're up for. But that's why you're here, and I'm SO glad you are!

You've probably noticed, but 99% of interviews start out with a phone screen as the first step in the interview process. It is critical to show the value you bring to the role and responsibilities at hand, but ALSO super important to share WHO YOU ARE. After all, we're not just the technical skills, or software programs we use day to day - WE ARE HUMANS.

The question is...How do you showcase the value you bring in work experience, AND the value being the unique amazing person you are? The true authentic you that's unlike anyone else.

- Personality
- Character
- Energy
- Values
- ETC.

In this episode you will learn how to cultivate a human to human connection when speaking to someone over the phone. I go over my top five strategies for expressing the human part of you. In other words, not just the WHAT YOU DO, but the how and WHY behind it.

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler