033 | The Perfect Job - Flipping everything you thought you wanted in a dream job upside-down

In today's episode we're talking about something I think many of us struggle with, and think about when it comes to job hunting....FINDING THE PERFECT JOB. From a young age we're constantly being asked what we want to do when we grow up, what's next, and what our dream job looks like. We set out on a mission to find it, sometimes being left more confused than anything.

I've spoken to 100s of people in numerous industries, and what I've found is that not having a clear picture of what that perfect job looks like is something that isn't uncommon. If you're in this situation now, NOT TO WORRY!

Tune in to today's episode to hear about a new concept sweeping the world of career coaching with jessness. After listening you will find comfort in this change of perspective and not feel so pressured to find that ultimate dream job. This episode will help you focus your time on a career path that not only will you LOVE, but you'll excel in and advance quickly.

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler