027 | LinkedIn - Using it for career advancement, networking, and to create a dynamic personal brand

LinkedIn is the #1 thing every person should have these days, whether your looking for new gig or not, you have to have one!

Many think all there is to having a LinkedIn is to have the information on your resume listed online on this platform. WRONG. There are many creative ways use LinkedIn which I go over in this episode. From networking opportunities with people, and companies to learning more about an industry you're looking to get into, tune in for today's show to learn about some of the ways you can enhance the way you're using this worldwide career-based platform.

I will do an additional episode on the types of information to include in your profile, and best practices for showcasing all the amazing skills and experience you have. I wanted to break it down so both episodes are bite size enough for you to TAKE ACTION with the tips and strategies I share.

Photo by STIL