020 | Negotiations - Own your worth, and feel CONFIDENT speaking with companies about pay

A topic that comes up time and time again, PAY. When you're going thru interviews with companies this question will come up time and time again, "What salary are you seeking for your next role?" It can seem overwhelming if you haven't had those conversations before. But even if it's your 10th time having a negotiation around what you believe you should be paid verses what the company interviewing you is seeking to pay you.

What you focus on, and give energy to, expands. In today's episode I talk about breaking down the tangible aspects of a salary, and how to verify what you're saying for makes sense for the company, but also allows you to own your worth with confidence!

Marianne Williamson's book mentioned in the beginning of the show: amzn.to/1WluJGs

Photo by Olu Eletu