019 | Branding - Career advancement strategies featuring Brandon Maslan

Let’s talk branding! My company hosted Brandon Maslan recently to put on a corporate training session for the woman in our organization. Brandon’s work is amazing! He’s a Member Advisor at AWE (Advancing Women Executives), coaches individuals around branding advancement strategies, and inspires people to take action in creating a career they feel fulfilled to do. When it comes to branding - Brandon and I have a lot in common when it comes to best career practices. Within the first five minutes of him presenting, my head was nodding so much, it might have fallen off.

Brandon’s mission is to support AWE members in developing their own unique professional brand. Tune in for today’s episode where I share with you my top takeaways from Brandon’s presentation on how to professionally brand yourself. I think you’ll find some of the statistic he shared with us shocking!

Photo by Jessy Smith