What do you save by purchasing Doterra’s Home Essentials Kit?

We save money, the earth and our health by replacing common household items we buy from the store with DIY products made with pure, therapeutic grade doTERRA essential oils.

There are 10 oils in the Home Essentials Kit. I will show you how each oil can replace one common household store bought item and what the savings are for that specific oil. Please note, the price and savings may vary. Also, this is just ONE swap of hundreds!

Let’s start with money…

Common Household Item: Laundry Detergent

Oil: OnGuard


*Does not include: baking soda ($5.51 for 780 washes), salt ($2.83 for 780 washes) and castille soap ($49.50 for 780 washes).  Estimated total cost with other ingredients is $91 for 780 washes.

You can see from the table above that every 400 washes, you can save $53 to $100(including all other ingredients) by making your own laundry detergent with doTERRA OnGuard essential oil.

Common Household Item: Surface Cleaner

Oil: Oregano


*No other ingredients needed. Just add water.

You can see from the table above you will save around $6 to $24 every 400 oz of cleaner you make with doTERRA oregano essential oil instead of purchasing store bought cleaner.

Common Household Item: Window Cleaner

OIL: Lemon


*Just add water and white vinegar (about $5 for 400 oz)

You can see from the table above you can save $21 to $34 for every 400 oz of window cleaner you make with lemon essential oil instead of purchasing store bought cleaner.

Common Household Item: Toilet Cleaner

Oil: Peppermint


*Other ingredients to make this item include baking soda ($5.34 for 192 oz) and white vinegar

($2.69 for 192 oz).

You can see from the table above that you can save $3 for every 192 OZ of toilet cleaner you make compared to buying the Method brand. Some products are cheaper in dollars, such as Clorox, but the costs are still higher due to the impact on our health and the planet.

We’re saving the Earth by using doTERRA essential oils to make our own products because we are drastically reducing our plastic waste and preventing the toxic chemicals found in so many of these store bought products from entering our water systems and landfills.

Common Household Item: Shower Cleaner

Oil: Melaleuca

One bottle of melaleuca essential oil makes the equivalent of 12 bottles of shower cleaner. That is  A LOT of plastic waste we are preventing from entering landfills.


Common Household Item: Peptobismol

Oil: DigestZen

One bottle of DigestZen is equivalent to the serving sizes of 16 bottles of Peptobismol.


Common Household Item: Shaving Cream

Oil: Frankincense

One bottle of frankincense can make the equivalent of 28 bottles of shaving cream.


Common store bought household items contain toxic chemicals that have serious health impacts impacts. Here’s what we’re saving our bodies from when we choose oils instead of these synthetic materials…

Common Household Item: Dryer Sheets

Oil: Lavender

Common Household Item: Air Freshener

Oil: Breathe


Common Household Item: IcyHot

Oil: Deep Blue

TOTAL SAVINGS for just ONE Home Essentials Kit based on the product swaps above:

$83 to $161

56 plastic bottles

Endocrine Disruptors



Negative effects on our nervous system

Organ system toxicity

This is just the beginning. There are HUNDREDS more swaps possible with these incredibly versatile oils.

Are you ready to save money, the earth and your health?

If you get stuck or if you’re like 99% of the rest of the world, contact me and we can hop on the phone and do it together.

Jessica Smith