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Are you eager to find yourself in this crazy thing we call, The Real World? *cue dramatic sound effect* Until now, we’ve spent our entire lives in school. The great thing about school is that with each new year comes a new syllabus! But now what? 

  • Are you looking to find more clarity?

  • Do you want to get to know yourself better?

  • Are you eager to find your why?

  • Are you ready to own your life?

This book is quirky, fun, and full of advice. It’s not going to add MORE to your plate (we’ve got enough going on), and I’ve organized it into the five major areas of life:






These, I believe, are the areas in which we experience the most change during this roller coaster of a decade. Each micro chapter will give you the tools, tips, n’ tricks to navigate life’s ups and downs with ease, grace, and a whole lot of fun. If you’re ready to take the plunge, open to page one and let’s get started.    


Jessica Smith |

Jessica Smith is based in San Jose, CA and is the author of YOUR TWENTIES, a book about change and how to take good care of yourself as a 20-something navigating the “real world.”

She’s the host for the WhatUP! Silicon Valley Podcast, That Valley Vibe where she features local people, places and things available to support us in the process of self-discovery.

When she’s not writing or recording podcasts you can find her educating others on the power of Doterra Essential Oils and hosting events with her oil community, The Wellness Squad.

The main ingredient in her writings is how to tap into your inner wisdom, your -ness, for guidance. Say whaaat? "What's with all this -ness stuff?" you might be asking yourself. Learn more here.

She believes it’s time to explore a new path to success through self-care, connection, and essential oils. Every day Jess reminds us that we're not here to find out what to do, but rather, who we are.