Changes Sucks…but


Change sucks but, it’s required to grow.

You can either run from change and give into fear or you can step up to the plate and do something about it. In order to change something you have to believe it’s possible. You have to believe you can bring something different to the table – a fresh perspective, a positive outlook, constructive feedback to the group.

Change is something that can be paralyzing for some, your first reaction after changing something might be, “Oh shit, I didn’t make the right decision!” Does that mean you’ve made a mistake? No, it means that you’re uncomfortable and when you’re uncomfortable you are growing, you’re learning, you are outside your comfort ‘safe’ zone and it sucks sometimes.

When going through a life-changing experience, you need to give yourself TIME. Time to observe, time to adjust, time to reach out to others, and time to get to know the new people around you.

Last Monday, November 3rd, was my first day in a brand new office. I got a promotion! Everything about my job is now changed completely – my environment, the people around me, my support circle, my commute to work is now close to two hours each way, my gym, morning routine, and to be honest with you I am completely overwhelmed. I have no CLUE what I’m doing, it feels as though I’m floating in space given a mission like, “Okay Jess, congrats! Now get to Earth.”

I spoke with a very special someone about this, and he shook something in me. It changed my perspective on the situation – it didn’t magically change any of the challenges I was focusing on so much, but it did shift my perspective from the victim mentally to an empowering, moving forward, kicking-ass mentality.

It’s ALL about perspective. You can look at this kind of situation as an opportunity to get small and hide OR you can look at this as an opportunity, a chance to step up to the plate, and trust that The Universe is never going to give us something we cannot handle. This new job, role, office, location, life, everything is an opportunity for me to bring the light to this new office, to be an example of someone that says, “Hey! I can make a difference here!”

I believe wholeheartedly I am ready for this – I accepted the position with extreme excitement. With that, comes nervs and today I thought about how I may have made the wrong decision. Once I thought about it more I realize that voice is my ego. The whole, “I can’t,” is bullshit.

My perspective is the only thing that’s immediately changed from this morning to now. Have I learned all the in’s and out’s of the job? Have I conquered all goals? Have I made an impact and built a legacy in this office? No. But the no, means not yet. 

This change is making me stronger. The issue now is not change, but more about looking at the situation with a, “What can I bring? What can I do? How can I make a difference? How do I show up each day for my team and for my own goals in this new role?” That, to me, is a prime example of going from a victim mentality to an empowering force of The Universe.

If there’s something in your life that you feel is paralyzing you in terms of change or a transition you are going through my biggest advice to you is to FEEL THE FEELING. If you need to cry – cry. If you need to yell – fucking scream. Whatever you do don’t give up! You were given this opportunity not to get down on yourself, attack, compare, and judge but as a platform to step into your own power and inspire other people to do the same. If you focus your energy on that, and you do consistently, it will create an impact. One where you hold a space for your own vision, and light – people will see the light in you, and start to bring there’s out as well.

This is the way we need to look at situations we are unsure, change, and feelings of being uncomfortable in situations – How can we spin this into a positive? How can we view this as an opportunity to show up more, and to be more of the badass person we are here to be.

photo via @adamexcell

Healthy MindJessica Smith