unique-ness : the unique talents and gifts you were born with in which you share with our wellsquad community 

Thoughtful-ness : heart centered 

Alive-ness - your innate essence, your soul’d expression of who you are. It’s carefree, grounded in truth and alive with kundalini energy 

Loneli-ness Not integrating your real self to how you really feel inside 


Not having the answers, having freedom- this is what ultimately provides the answers  


To fill your cup first - to serve others you have to serve from a place of fullness 


Embracing both the light and dark in you, being human is to fuck up sometimes, that’s part of learning and why we’ve chosen to come back in dense form on Earth. It’s to learn, grow, experience, bast in all of it. Free will. 


The complete deep knowing that you are in alignment with your truest most authentic path. 

NESS (n.) - the embodiment of our soul. The inner voice of wisdom we are born with. It’s the innate love, guidance and joy we ARE, our essence, our connection to Spirit. 


Taking up space. Expansion. Growth. Feeling worthy and believing it.