The ability to approach life with an open mind and heart. Even when it’s scary, uneasy to understand and the unknown is present.


Your connection to spirit. However that might look. The feeling of being guided and understanding you are part of something SO much bigger than just your human form. Trusting in your path.


A continuous, daily practice of honoring our humanhood. To give yourself grace, compassion and love. To give others the same. India.Arie says it best “I am not the mistakes that I have made, or any of the things that cause me pain, I am not the pieces of the dreams I left behind.”


The unique talents and gifts only you were born with. The energetic code embedded in your body + life purpose only you can fulfill on Earth.


Seeing the learning opportunity in every situation. Life isn’t happening TO us, it’s happening FOR us.


When we grow, we rise naturally as if walking up steps of consciousness. We need to also remember where we came from, this is humble-NESS.


Your innate essence, your soul’s expression of who you are. It’s carefree, grounded in Truth and alive with kundalini energy.


Being comfortable with being alone with yourself. Comfortable with integrating your real self and being okay with how you truly feel inside.


Not having the answers but having freedom of thought - this is what ultimately provides the answers. Prepare for massive downloads on each best next step to take in your life.


To fill your cup first - to serve others you have to serve from a place of genuine giving. This requires taking good care of yourself, first.


Embracing both the light and dark in you, all the emotions from ecstatic to depressed. Being human means messing up, that’s part of learning and why our soul has chosen to come back in dense form on Earth. Embracing the high vibe situations and opportunities and also the parts of our path that suck and feel like a burden. It’s to learn, grow, experience, bask in all of it. Free will. Embracing this thing we call life for all it is an experiment for our souls’ growth.


The complete deep knowing that you are in alignment with your truest most authentic path. It’s a felt sense, not always something you can logically make sense of. And that’s perfectly OKAY!!


Taking up space. Expansion. Growth. Feeling worthy and believing it. 


Where your Soul + Head + Life are aligned.


Embracing your inner child, waking up every day with a fresh perspective and approaching life with an attitude of curiosity + exploration. Embracing PLAY!