Jessness Required

There are a couple of reasons you might be here...

  • You want to explore how and if essential oils can help YOU thrive and feel vibrant in the skin you’re in.

  • You are curious about natural solutions and how they might help your situation.

  • You find yourself saying (at least twice a week), “There has to be a better way, an easier way!”

  • You’re sick (maybe even, literally) of the go-go-go, faster, harder, stronger living-life-like a Kanye West song stuck on repeat.

I get it. I felt all those things when I started my essential oil journey back in 2013. My relationship with oils has changed over time but today I can honestly say without the oils I don’t know where my health would be.

To spare you all the deep details, we’ll save that for another time but I’d be delighted to talk to you more about my personal journey over the phone. Feel free to call/text me directly at 209-345-2104. I’m also hanging out on Instagram a lot these days, find me here.


I believe in order to rise and thrive in all areas of our life it requires finding the right tools and empowered self-care practices that are going to help support us in being our best.

That is the only way we can do our best work in the world.

These essential oils are the right tools for me and empower me in so many ways to take good solid care of myself and those around me.  

doTERRA is the real deal. And that’s what I love most about the company, the products, the culture, and the equal opportunity available to anyone inspired to take this journey. doTERRA’s ability to infuse their products with love and high-vibe energy mixed with the pureness and quality of the oils, it’s next level. There really is no one else in this space doing what doTERRA is doing at the level they’re doing it.




Here are my fav things about doTERRA...

  • doTERRA essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade (CPTG).

  • Every oil is tested by a third party, not once, but EIGHT differents ways to ensure they are pure and up to quality standards.

  • doTERRA essential oils are unique in that every oil is harvested in it’s prime environment throughout the world. Their oils comes from every part of the globe.

  • Their global sourcing model brings jobs to local communities where they are supported with the right equipment, training, equal and on-time pay, and best of all provides a platform to build a global community. One that leans on each other and admires each other’s strengths.

  • Over the next 10 years doTERRA will play a key role in helping integrate  essential oils into western medicine as a preventative supplement to current health practices. This would increase the doTERRA business opportunity and also help  more people have access to pure high quality oils.

  • Their vision for healthcare is to set up training centers all over the US for healthcare professionals. doTERRA does an incredible job of educating the world about the power and benefits of essential oils. I can’t wait help have a hand in this wellness movement!


What always blows me away is how highly concentrated the doTERRA oils are. Compared to a dried herb the essential oil version is 100x more concentrated. Wowza, right? It can take thousands of pounds of plant material to produce only one pound of essential oil.

What’s up with all these different essential oil companies? How do I know which is right for me?

This one's simple. Go with the company you trust. I chose doTERRA.


T R U T H Check: Not all essential oils are created equal. Please be aware that there is NO committee or governing body that regulates essential oils. Any purity claims you see on essential oils for sale at stores, are actually just claims made BY the EO company themselves. Hmm...something seems off there, amirite?

doTERRA is the largest essential oil + wellness company in the world with a mission to bring empowered living to every home in the world.



#1) Source to You

doTERRA sources globally and not only that - they work WITH the farmers there to create a better economy.  This doesn't matter to everyone - but it did matter to me when I was comparing. Watch the video...


doTERRA has over 100essential oils in its product line and sources its oils from over 40 countries —more than half of which could be considered developing countries. To ensure that small-scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically, doTERRA has introduced an initiative called Co-Impact Sourcing.

Co-Impact Sourcing is an initiative that seeks to develop long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas. doTERRA is committed to the ethical treatment of its suppliers by providing on-time payments at fair prices. Growers and harvesters are encouraged to form cooperative groups to share collective benefits and bargaining power while improving skills and capacity. 


When doTERRA looks for sourcing partnerships, we deliberately choose locations where we can improve the individual, social, economic, and environmental well-being, while producing the highest quality essential oils.


Rather than laying down lavender farms all over open random places in the US - we source our lavender from Bulgaria.

Lime from Brazil. 
Vetiver from Haiti.
Oregano from Turkey.
Wintergreen from Nepal.
Frankincense from Somalia.
Cardamom from Guatemala.
Douglas Fir from New Zealand.
Lemon and Bergamot from Sicily.
Lemongrass from Southern India.
Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Australia.
Rose and Juniper Berry from Bulgaria.
Ylang Ylang and Ginger from Madagascar.


doTERRA seeks out where in the world plants are indigenously grown and most abundant due to humidity, soil condition, and sustainability practices. 

These efforts ensure that as consumers, we’re receiving only the absolute best, purest, product in support of our body. DoTERRA takes each batch of essential oils through rigorous third-party testing to ensure there are no toxins, contaminants or microorganisms present. 

This level of purity guarantees there will be no negative side effects or drug interactions. With every batch they carefully exam for herbicides, pesticides, weeds or fillers so that the only thing they guarantee on the market are pure plant wisdom in a bottle. Straight from Mamma Earth, just the way they were intended. 

If ever testing doesn’t meet their strict standards, that oil is immediately taken off the market. I don't know about you, but that gives me a lot of confidence in their integrity.

#2) Their commitment to quality CPTG oils

When it comes to the essential oil industry, there is no centralized governing body enforcing essential oil manufacturers to be honest about what they claim their products can do the level of quality. This is why it’s ultra critical to do your research before purchasing oils and first understand how the oils are getting made, where they’re sourcing the ingredients to make the oils, the level of quality and purity, things like that.

doTERRA is a company that has a clear vision of the impact they want to have on the world and they understand wholehearted what they stand for and believe in. With a mission that drives them daily and amazing products to back up every single thing they say, that is how I know I’m with the right company. Watch the video...

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation and Co-Impact Sourcing®
Co-Impact Sourcing is a responsible method for sourcing doTERRA essential oils. This type of sourcing occurs in areas of the world that can best sustain plants for essential oils and, most importantly, can help elevate communities out of poverty and desperate need. Thanks to the relationships that have been developed in these Co-Impact Sourcing locations, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has been able to establish humanitarian projects that benefit the hard-working community members in these areas. 


Now, let’s talk money, honey...

The most cost effective way to order essential oils is by getting your own wholesale account. Almost everyone starts their oil journey by selecting a starter kit that best fits their needs. (hence why it’s called a….well, you get it).


Here’s what happens when you sign up with a starter kit...

  1. You get all the oils/products at a bundled savings

  2. Buying a kit, covers the $35 annual enrollment fee for your wholesale account

  3. You get 25% off all doTERRA products for a full year AND...

  4. You become part of our high vibe community with instant access to our team oil resources, cleanse programs,  popular eBook library + Facebook community.




  • Access to our step by step team trello board (exclusive for our community) on how to incorporate essential oils into your daily life...we’re talking ebooks, recipes, our fav way to use them

  • Access to WELLSQUAD Essential Oil School - learn allll the in’s and out’s of oils from the science behind it to who they are distilled, plant botany, where and how they are sourced and more!

  • Access to a monthly ebook subscription from our Supernatural Life Library.

The Supernatural Life Library is a monthly eBook that will support you in building out a complete natural health lifestyle to support your heart-centered hustlin lifestyle! When you join, you’ll get instant access to all 12 eBooks jam-packed with high-vibe lifestyle tips for each month’s wellness theme. From smoothie and juice recipes, fresh workout routine, and key essential oils to support each month's wellness focus we’ve got you covered.

  • ♥ A fun 1:1 welcome call with me!

We’ll talk through your wellness goals with a mind body spirit approach and  make a plan for how to integrate the oils into your daily life. We’ll also go over your membership and make sure you feel comfortable with the systems, LRP, ordering all that good stuff! I’ll be here every step of the way.

  • Access to our Wellness Squad Professional Development Library full of actionable worksheets, inspiration, and other resources to help you live a life you love!

The opportunity to connect with our beautiful essential oil community on Facebook, The Wellness Squad.




The Natural Solutions kit is designed to help you kick-start and sustain your new lifestyle of empowered wellness.  This kit provides support to your immune system, emotions, sleep, stress management, energy, respiratory system - there’s a lil somthin’ in this one for everything!

The kit includes the top 10 oils + 8 additional oils and beautiful blends for maximum support. The Lifelong Vitality Pack (the must-have supplement system that I swear by) is another amazing product in this kit, not to mention the Deep Blue Rub to help with aches and pains, the OnGuard Collection I’m obsessed with for clean home cleaning, and safe non-toxic skincare products. This high-vibe kit even comes with an 8-hour Aroma Lite diffuser!




The Home Essentials Kit has everything you need to get started and keep you and your family healthy through sick season and the holidays. The Home Essentials Kit includes our Top 10 oils and the beautiful petal diffuser plus all the free gifts listed below. that come with enrolling with me!  perks, support and education from me, a private Facebook group and a beautiful welcome gift from me to get you the tools you need to get started.

The Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit it is a beautiful oil kit for someone looking for support with balancing their emotions throughout the day. This kit comes with 6 custom blend essential oils designed to support a healthy mind and emotional healing so you can thrive through every emotion. This kit is amazing because you’ll get to experience the power of the these oils right from the start by with our petal diffuser. I find that diffusing oils uplifts my mood and can help shift my energy from yuck to yay. And who doesn’t need more of that, aye?

The Family Essentials + Beadlets kit is a gorgeous option for someone who wants to get started with essential oils but needs something that fits within their budget! This kit includes the top 10 oils (5ml each), plus Peppermint and On Guard beadlets that you can pop straight into your mouth for a quick winter time immune boost and toxic-free fresh breath!

( Q U I C K  S I D E N O T E )

  • There is absolutely no requirement that says you have to sell the oils.

  • If you are part of the 10% that do want to build a doTERRA biz {first YAY} and, second, we can definitely chat more about that after you’ve been able to experience the oils.



To open your Account, go to

Input your details

Choose your kit and any other essential oils you want




You don’t have to purchase a kit when you sign up for an account, however when you do it includes the enrollment cost of $35/us

A wholesale account = 25% off for a year




Q: What happens after I enroll and set up my wholesale membership account?  

  • You will be welcomed into the Wellness Squad essential oil community, An inclusive community of individuals who have said YES to living a 💛-centered life

  • You’ll have the opportunity to earn the free product of the month

  • You instantly become eligible to earn points for your purchases and exchange them for oils of your choice (Say whaa?!)

  • You also become eligible to earn back all of your shipping costs for points which you can exchange for oils, wellness + self-care items, or natural ‘n safe cleaning products of your choice

  • Your wholesale account is eligible for one year so you will be able to enjoy 25% off all of your doTERRA purchases for the next year. Holler!


Q: Is there a monthly minimum order?



Q: Do I have to sell oils?

No way! Here, we do what’s best of ourselves. If you don’t want to ever sell the oils, you don’t have to! Enjoying them in the comfort of your own home is perfectly okay too.


Q: I’ve heard a lot about this loyalty rewards program, what’s that?

As a wholesale account owner, you will be given the option to set up a monthly customized order as part of the Loyalty Rewards Program*.  This is how you maximize your wholesale membership by getting free products.

The easiest way to explain the doTERRA wholesale account is to compare it to a Costco membership because they are exactly the same!

  1. You open a doTERRA account

  2. Purchase product at a discount

  3. And receive rewards based on your purchases

*To take full advantage of the program and receive the free product promo of the month set up your 125 pv LRP order to ship before the 15th of each month!


Q: Are there any other cost saving opportunities I should know about?

YES! I’m so glad you asked. Click here to see all current promos!


Q: Where’s the fine print? What am I missing here? This sounds too good to be true!

There is NO monthly fee, NO monthly ordering required and NO reselling required. No Catch. I hate scammy gross poop stuff, and I’m telling you, this is the real deal.




BOOM chaka laka laka! You made it to the end! I hope this was helpful and who knows maybe you might have learned a lil something too. #BONUS