Q: What happens after I enroll and set up my wholesale membership account?  

  • You will be welcomed into the Wellness Squad essential oil community, An inclusive community of individuals who have said YES to living a 💛-centered life

  • You’ll have the opportunity to earn the free product of the month

  • You instantly become eligible to earn points for your purchases and exchange them for oils of your choice (Say whaa?!)

  • You also become eligible to earn back all of your shipping costs for points which you can exchange for oils, wellness + self-care items, or natural ‘n safe cleaning products of your choice

  • Your wholesale account is eligible for one year so you will be able to enjoy 25% off all of your doTERRA purchases for the next year. Holler!

Q: Is there a monthly minimum order?

A: Nope!

Q: Do I have to sell oils?

A: No way! Here, we do what’s best of ourselves. If you don’t want to ever sell the oils, you don’t have to! Enjoying them in the comfort of your own home is perfectly okay too.

Q: I’ve heard a lot about this loyalty rewards program, what’s that?

A: As a wholesale account owner, you will be given the option to set up a monthly customized order as part of the Loyalty Rewards Program*.  This is how you maximize your wholesale membership by getting free products.

The easiest way to explain the doTERRA wholesale account is to compare it to a Costco membership because they are exactly the same!

  1. You open a doTERRA account

  2. Purchase product at a discount

  3. And receive rewards based on your purchases

*To take full advantage of the program and receive the free product promo of the month set up your 125 pv LRP order to ship before the 15th of each month!

Q: Are there any other cost saving opportunities I should know about?

A: YES! I’m so glad you asked. Click here to see all current promos!

Q: Where’s the fine print? What am I missing here? This sounds too good to be true!

A: There is NO monthly fee, NO monthly ordering required and NO reselling required. No Catch. I hate scammy gross poop stuff, and I’m telling you, this is the real deal.



  1. To open your Account, go to http://bit.ly/jswholesale

  2. Input your details

  3. Choose your kit and any other essential oils you want

• • • FUN TIPS • • •

✨You don’t have to purchase a kit when you sign up for an account, however when you do it includes the enrollment cost of $35/us

✨ A wholesale account = 25% off for a year

Flip thru my getting started with essential oils guide here