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Do you want to do your part to keep my pods alive? Podcasting takes an amazing amount of time & effort to create, design, record (which I love), edit + post each episode. It costs money to host the podcast and get it on iTunes. If you appreciate my work and want to support me in continuing to create content (books, podcasts, etc.) become a patron! In return you get some awesome monthly rewards! 

Patreon is an badass platform FOR CREATORS OF ALL KINDS!

The concept is this: If you appreciate someone’s work, learn from them and benefit from their content in any way you can pay them for it!

It can be a little as $2! That’s legit 8 gumballs or 1 sticker from one of those candy machines you see at pizza joints.

The best part? This builds over time and in turn you support the creators you love make their craft sustainable.

When you sign up as a patron, you’re basically saying, “You know what, your content rocks and I know working full-time AND producing content consistently is no easy feat. Here’s a coffee on me!”

Life costs money. Rent, food, socks…you know the drill.

But you’re not just throwing money at me like one of those money dance machines....when you support, you get some awesome rewards in return!


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leave a review on itunes