058 | Personal Brand - Create a unique and authentic elevator pitch with Brandon Maslan from AWE

Today’s podcast is all about creating an elevator pitch. (An actual elevator not required) Elevator pitches aren’t just for sales people, everyone needs one, even if you’ve never been inside an elevator before in your life you need one.

This show is jam-packed with content, tips, and the exact steps you need to take to create an elevator pitch that ROCKS. I was inspired to talk about this topic after participating in a career development workshop hosted by XACTLY CORP a couple weeks back.

The workshop was led by Brandon Maslan, an Executive Advisor for AWE (Advancing Women Executives) organization. AWE's mission is to increase the number of women in senior management and on boards. They coach others on branding advancement strategies and inspire people to take action in their own career development. Ummm RIGHT.UP.MY.ALLEY.

I admire Brandon for the passion, enthusiasm, and sense of humor he shares with others. I had the opportunity to attend Brandon’s Personal Branding workshop last year when XACTLY previously hosted him so it was really neat to see him again and soak up more of his juicy advice.

Look for episode 19 to listen to last year’s show where I feature Brandon’s tips and tricks from his personal branding workshop! Or go here: Coachjessness – Branding

- An elevator pitch is a short, less than 20 second, description on who you are, and what you do. 
- It’s about figuring out what you want people to remember about you.
- It’s about building on where you’re at now to express where you want to go.

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Photo by Marius Masalar