056 | Manager Advice - 3 ways managers can retain, motivate, and keep millennials engaged at work

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It all started with that one season of Survivor, didn't it? When it became Millennials versus the WORLD. No, it's been happening long before that! But why? Why is there so much talk about Millennials? We're the largest generation in the workplace today so of course, that's going to throw some attention our way!

Today's episode is for anyone with an open-mind interested in learning about millennials. The show is primarily focused towards managers, but the content will be relevant to anyone who works alongside, even just one, millennial at work. Maybe you have a son or daughter who's a millennial? I'll bet you'll find value too!

I dive into three major ways managers can retain, motivate, and keep millennials engaged at work.

1. Mix Up the Meetings
(You'll be a managerial DJ by the time you're done!)

2. Watch out for Routines
(No more 5, 6, 7, 8 routines, work should not be treated as a choreographed dance!)

3. Approach it from an Agile Methodology
(Put your software development hat on and *raise the roof* for a whole new way of productivity!)

This show is jam-packed with ideas, suggestions, and gives you specific areas of work to focus on. After listening, you will have more insight into the millennial generation at work, and you'll walk away with concrete ideas and action items to take in order to best manage and work alongside them. Enjoy!

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Photo by Melinda Pack