054 | Feedback - How to give feedback to different personality types at work and get good at it too

Ugh, the infamous F-word…FEEDBACK. But whyyyy?
* It’s not fun
* It’s hard
* It’s awkward
* You never know how the other person is going to take it


The better we are at giving feedback, the better we are at communicating what we need and want at work. The art of giving feedback isn’t something we come out of the womb preprogrammed with so in order for it to become a skill, it’s going to take some practice. What makes learning this topic so fun {but also challenging} is that everyone is going to interpret feedback differently.

In today’s show we dive into 4 personality types and the strategies for giving feedback to each type of person, without being an asshole. This show is structured as a workshop so you can follow along, pause, and assess which personality type(s) live within you. As you listen, I encourage you to think about which personality types represent the people you work so you can start to implement these these strategies TODAY!

When you incorporate feedback into your day to day working life you instantly become MORE valuable to your business, bosses, coworkers, and even your CEO. You are already very valuable, I know that, you know that, but I host shows like this to help you create and continue to build a strong personal brand so that other people {outside of you and me} can see your value too.

When your value to the business is highly visible, this is where career advancement lives! I’m here to help you succeed so let’s jump in...hit play and join me in learning how to give feedback to different personality types during this show, workshop style! ------- Enjoy!

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Photo by Olu Eletu