052 | Interview Prep Qs - Tell Me About Yourself, how to answer effectively & share the right stuff

I'm excited to cover today's topic because it's one that was requested from one of the pod listeners. If you have something you'd like covered in a future show, reach out and let me know!

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Today's show gives you an in depth look into how to answer the infamous interview question, "Tell me a little about yourself." Interview questions that are broad and super open-ended leave a LOT of room for a response, so you better tackle questions like these with a plan

This question is asked in interviews often because....
- It's easy
- When a question is broad like this one, the candidate has a lot of control because they can answer how they see fit. They decide which direction will be taken, and can steer it to highlight whatever aspects about themselves they want!
- It gives the interviewer the opportunity to learn what's important for the candidate(based on how they answer the question, and what they choose to share)and answering how they see fit.

- How to clarify what the interviewer is asking you, to make sure you're sharing the type of information they're looking for
- What to include in your response to this question
- Strategies for expressing the human behind your resume and not just the skills listed on your resume and how you can blend the two into one solid response
- Two successful response examples you can use as a guide to create your own rockstar response

Photo by Kari Shea