046 | Career Mistakes - What to do when you pull a Mariah Carey on stage during New Year's Eve

While today's episode sounds a lot like a dig on Mariah Carey, it's not. We all make mistakes, and for as long as we work in our lifetime we're bound to make a mistake when it comes to our career too.

The important part isn't the mistake itself, it's what we do about the mistake and the action we take after it happens! Your career mistake might not be as big as Mariah's on stage during New Year's Eve, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything about it either!

In today's episode I empower you with action steps for handling any kind of career mistake. The tips I share can be relevant across any industry, any skill-set, and role, within any job or career path.

After listening to this show, your perspective on career mistakes will shift to seeing them as an opportunity to thrive, showcase your leadership skills, and learn something new!

Photo by STIL