023 | Switching Industries - How to creatively align your experience for a job outside your industry

So there you are, in the middle of your job hunt...You've been a welder for the last TWENTY years, but you're super interested in an open role at a brewery within their marketing department. But you're not sure if you should even bother applying for the position at the brewery - How do you brand yourself to be a good fit? What skills do you highlight to help your resume stand out?

All fantastic questions...

Today's episode was inspired by a listen question. The example I share with you above IS this listeners situation. Tune in to the show to learn about creative ways you can align your skills and experience to match ANY job you seek. Regardless of if it's a new department, position, industry, or even skill-set. It's not the most obvious, and does require you thinking outside the box, but why not? Isn't your job worth it?

Photo by Marius Masalar