015 | The Dreaded Commute - A new way of looking at your drive in to work; a new perspective

A lot of us do it, commute to work. Right pedal, left pedal, you know the drill.

I know this probably comes as a shock, but I believe commuting can relate to overall life, stay with me here.... There are benefits when you choose to 'go the distance,' you still with me? Good. Don't be fooled by the downside of the stop and go traffic.

Commuting takes a special bread, it's all about perspective. When you change your perspective on something, your surroundings, and experience begin to change. Today's episode is about one of the chapters in my book coming out later this year called 'SPF' - Single Pointed Focus. Tune in today to learn more about what single pointed focus means for you in your life.

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler