013 | Final Round Interviews - Leveraging the power of 'Follow-up' after the first few interviews

So you've finished the second round of interviewing. You survived going onsite, the good ol' face to face round where you meet with multiple people from the team you're seeking to join. I've said it before, but I will say it again I'm ALL about putting together rockstar follow ups. Doesn't matter which stage you're in, you need a follow-up for all of them people.

In today's episode we go over how to leverage the power of follow-up once you've made it past the first couple rounds of interviews. We will touch on some of the tips explained in episode #2 where we spoke about preparing for an onsite interview. Listen in on the show for how you can tie it all together. After soaking in all the tips, you'll walk away confident in your ability to receive an invitation back for the final interview round...OR better yet? An offer in hand.

Photo by Bench Accounting