Job hunting is everything….it engages all of you. Your mind, body and soul. But why doesn’t it always feel like that? Because you have been conditioned to believe that the company hiring has all the power, WRONG. It’s a two way street and the skills and talents you bring to the table, MATTER.

Let’s see if I can capture your wants + needs…..

your want: seek with your soul

the need: figure out your passion // find a new job

your want: decide with your heart

the need: to find a job that values your unique skills + experience

your want: share your authentic self

the need: the rock the job interview

Topics we can work together on….

Interview Prep

Changing industries / careers / jobs / etc.

Asking for a promotion / prepping for a performance meeting

Salary Negotiation

Job hunting strategies

LinkedIn / Resume optimization


Personal Branding


Sliding scale $1 - $3 dollars per minute

Minimum of 30 minutes / Max of 50 minutes per session

No minimum number of sessions you need to book

Payments made via Venmo or PayPal


Typically over the phone

If you’re local to Santa Cruz we can meet in person

San Jose can also be arranged (travel fee for gas)

Pre-work may be required

Expect to do WORK

Integrative suggestions such as meditations, books, essential oil blends and other natural solutions included

To book…


(209) 345-2104