I have found I need more than just one way to move through life. More than just one tool, program or method.

I’m an explorer of life and view mine as one giant experiment to learn and grow. I have been on a journey of deep self-discovery since a major breakup rocked my world in May 2018.

This break up has been a door to a hallway of rooms each one representing parts of myself I’ve hid away out of fear or shame. I’ve been able to peak around in these rooms and have found beautiful insights about who I am, what I believe, what I want and need. 

Getting to know the contents of these rooms has allowed me to get in touch with my Truest Nature, my most authentic self, because I’m integrating all parts of me. Not just the parts that have been deemed as “worthy” or “acceptable” based on other people and society’s idea of how everyone should look and live their life. I’ve had a lot of support along the way from a variety of well-NESS modalities. A true integrative approach.

This journey of experimentation isn’t for the faint of heart, but to begin all you need is a willing-NESS and open mind.

I believe the main ingredient in life is exploring life through the lends of our -NESS.

I also believe we're not here on Earth to figure out what to do, but rather, who we are. BEing > DOing


Professional Bio

Jessica is an author and public speaker. She wrote the book, 'YOUR TWENTIES, a book about navigating change and transition and taking good care of ourselves as we navigate the 'real world'.

She’s a career advisor, podcaster of the show titled 'Career Coaching Jessness'.

She incorporates essential oils into both her personal and professional life and sells them as a Wellness Advocate with Doterra. Jess partner’s with Doterra because of our commitment to purity, sustainability + respect for farmers and the Earth.

Jess is based in Santa Cruz, CA and travels the world speaking at events, workshops, conferences and universities.