Jessica Smith is an author, public speaker, podcaster, wellness advocate and community builder based in Santa Cruz, CA.

She published her first book, YOUR TWENTIES, in Feb 2018. A book about change and how to take good care of yourself as a 20-something navigating the “real world.”

Jess is originally from Modesto, CA. She graduated from Chico State with a degree in Events and Tourism in 2011. A few years after she earned her Health Coaching Certification from the The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Her podcast, 'Career Coaching with Jessness' is on iTunes, Soundcloud + Spotify for anyone seeking a job that brings them fulfillment.

When she’s not writing or recording podcasts you can find her educating others on the power of Doterra Essential Oils via 1:1s and through events with her essential oil community, The Wellness Squad.

The main ingredient in her work is how to tap into your inner wisdom, your -ness, for guidance. Say whaaat? Learn more here. 

Jess believes it’s time to explore a new path to success through self-care, connection, and essential oils. Every day Jess reminds us that we're not here to find out what to do, but rather, who we are.