I didn’t write this book because I’m perfect, far from it! But I do know YOUR TWENTIES, don’t have to be so hard. This book is designed to show you how to drop external expectations & focus on your own inner wisdom.

In this book you will find ways to tune to your ‘ness. Your ‘ness is a concept created to describe the embodiment of the soul. When you’re in tune with your ‘ness you are given the next right step for your own unique precious path here on Earth.

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  • Megan

    I can't say enough great things about the positive influence Jess has had on my life. She has always provided good energy, a shoulder to lean on and is always more than willing to give advice when I am going through a tough time. Jess is the kind of coach that can be silly and make you laugh, but she can also have the deep, meaningful conversations with you about life, love, career, etc. She has given me strength and guidance about the most important things in my life. She's helped me more than she may know. If you are looking for new direction, channeling more positivity in your life, career coaching, a friend or just a little pick me up, Jess is your gal!

  • Terressa

    Jess has a genuine interest in others. When you confide in her, she listens thoroughly and then says, "I have a post for that". It's as if she knows the problems we'll be facing before we face them. As one of the most non judgmental, kind people I have ever met, Jess is spiritual, honest, and sincerely trustworthy. Her intentions are to help others above any material thing and it shows through every ounce of her being.

  • Gaby

    When I started the job hunting process, it was NOT an easy one. The motivation and support I received from Jess during that time was awesome! Jess looked over my cover letters and resume to make sure they were tailored appropriately to each company's asks. (Yes, this is a thing!) There was a time I was in a major lull after hearing NO after NO from every company I applied to. I tuned into one of Jessica's Career Coaching Webinars, it really helped me get some fire under my a** & go! It was just what I needed.

  • Kelsey

    Jessica is entertaining and hilarious to work with; her coaching is helpful and insightful on how to better navigate the work world and advance your career. She's provided me with unique and vital information and kept it real to fit my own individual career situation. Jessica taught me how to highlight what I do best, ways I can stand out amongst my peers, and helped me land my next interview in a way that is fun, AND productive. You won't get this anywhere else!

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