career creation is hard

But it doesn't have to be! Let me make it easier for you.


I help 20-somethings get jobs they love and rise so the world can have more compassionate + loving leaders!

I didn’t write this book because I’m perfect, far from it! But I do know YOUR TWENTIES, don’t have to be so hard. This book is designed to show you how to drop external expectations & focus on your own inner wisdom.

In this book you will find ways to tune to your ‘ness. Your ‘ness is a concept created to describe the embodiment of the soul. When you’re in tune with your ‘ness you are given the next right step for your own unique precious path here on Earth.

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As a technical recruiter for over 4 years, I have extensive experience in the job hunting world. I’ve seen 1,000’s of resumes, and hired 100’s of people! What’s different about my advice is that it isn’t vague or from some article I read online, they’re based on real-life situations that I’ve personally been part of. I know what hiring managers want and know how to help you articulate your skills to a future employer so you can rise to the top so the world can have more compassionate + loving leaders influencing our Universe.

Work with me

I will show you how to tune into your own inner voice of wisdom {your ‘ness} for guidance on every step life has to offer.

I will help you clearly articulate your skills, talents, and experience so you can build a magnetic personal brand sure to get you hired anywhere you want to go.

Together, we will create daily practices and habits in support of everything you want in life. This will be our key to attracting all you want your life to be, regardless of how it looks now.

Work is what we do, it's not who we are.
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Growing up is hard.

Let me make it easier for you.

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I love this poem by my friend @ikjagait. It captures a beautiful concept I talk about in my book, YOUR TWENTIES. Which I’ve been working on a lot lately {I’m not going to mention the release date because...I feel like I’ve been talking about my book release for years, wait, I have. But it’s going to be so worth it!!! HINT: it’s soon, I’ll share that much at least 😂}
Back to this rad concept...I talk about the importance of being your true self and allowing the human you’re with romantically to be their true selves in one of my relationship chapters titled, CONTROL FREAK. Fitting right?
I share how important it is to wake up everyday and allow the person you’re with to be who they are. That is when relationships are healthy, vibrant, and thriving. I sum it up in one word, that soooo many relationships need: freedom.
Yooo are you a Bay Area person? Then this is for you! Tonight on the #whatupSV FB page we’re going LIVE to talk about something super special we’ve been working on the past few months for you. Gahhh we can’t wait to share what we have in store for you. Here are some hints, can you guess?
1. It’s audio
2. It’s daily
3. It’s on iTunes
4. It‘s focused on YOU, where you live, what you do and how you can be even better at...well, all of it!
Get ready to find your why, know yourself and OWN yo life.
Tune in tonight LIVE at 6:30 on the WhatUp Silicon Valley FB page and don’t forget to say hi in the comments too. We’re friendly. Can’t you tell? 😝
PS If we’re friends on FB I’ll be streaming it from my personal FB page too. It’ll be public so even if we’re not friends, you won’t miss out! See you later?👋🏼
The most important relationship you will ever have is one with yourself. How are you taking good care of yourself this week?
Who’s with me 🙋🏼‍♀️
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