Find Who You Are

Tune in to your internal guidance for a clear understanding of what you want to do, and where you’d like to go next…regardless of the challenges that come your way!

Build Confidence

Confidence comes from within, it’s not something out there, it’s the unlimited supply of worthiness, trust, and self-love you were born with. When you tap into this place, you begin to make choices that are truly right for you and begin to feel life’s natural flow more deeply.

Feel Joy!

On a crappy day, it’s easy to think, ‘This is my life.’ But even when everything around you is telling you different, we must find joy in our day to day lives, NOW in present time, in order to attract what we envision our life to be like in the future into the reality of what it is now.


Express’ness coaching

This coaching program is centered around going within, and tuning into your own internal wisdom. You'll find practices that help create balance in your life. There is a large focus on overall wellness, divided into three main areas: mental wellness, body wellness, and spiritual wellness. You'll create more flow in your day to day life, and begin to trust the Universe is working with you, not against you.

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career consoulting

This coaching program is centered around dropping outside expectations that relate to work, and go within to understand what YOU truly want when it comes to career. It's intensive; you will be encouraged to go big, and take risks! You'll explore what you love, and what fulfills you so together we can align your career with the things that matter. We'll discover what it means to show up to work each day as your true authentic self.

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Land your
dream job

A more tactical approach to help you find a new job, and identify what companies and open positions match with where you see yourself next in your career. Five weeks of training, each week focused on one phase: Applying, Pursuing, Interviewing, Negotiating, and Deciding

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