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Career Success Training Online Course

the easier way to find a job you love!

4 Video Tutorials:

• Lesson 1 – Get Clear – Find the Right Company
• Lesson 2 – Get Clear -Find the Right Job
• Lesson 3 – Get Confident – Be Bold and Stand Out
• Lesson 4 – Get Compensated – Negotiate Pay that makes you say YAY!

• Worksheets for each of the four lessons to help you take inspired action!

• Email templates to help you create your own dynamic emails when targeting your dream co.

• A recording of my ‘Rock Your Next Interview’ webinar hosted for the Adulting Collective community

The Well'ness Squad

FB Group

The Well'ness Squad is a judgement-free community to connect, support, & uplift one another. A virtual home for exploring one's own journey to well'ness by connecting with their 'ness.

Your 'ness is a word that describes your own internal wisdom. Add it to the back of your name and BOOM you're an official Squad member. That is why this site's name is Jess'ness Required. Because tapping into yourself is the only way to find true wellness, well'ness from within.

In the Squad, nothing is off limits! Come explore mind body spirit wellness with us and come meet some badass people while you're at it too!

Extraordinary Self-Love Guide

ways to ignite your inner light today

Explore new ways to mix up your self-care practice and cultivate more love in your life every day. Whoa woah woah this isn't about adding more to your to-do list. This is about feelin' the love now. Finding ways to fit more love into our daily lives is a forever assignment. Allow this guide to support you, embrace the help! {hey it's okay to need help}

Book Bonuses

for my book...YOUR TWENTIES

We're talkin' jam-packed exclusives! Downloadable PDFs, worksheets, workbooks, audio meditations, eBooks, and so much more!