Career Success Guides

Here you get access to the original four guides to help advance you in your career that include: Examples of emails to use when reaching out to companies you want to work for (stand out + land the interview), Interview prep to make sure you're fully prepared for the big day, email examples to use when following up with hiring managers you met with during the interview, and lastly the top 10 dynamic questions to ask people you meet with....why? 99.9% of the time you will be asked, "So, what questions do you have for me?" You'll want to have some rockstar questions ready!

When you sign up you will get access to all four guides mentioned above, PLUS any new guide I create from here on out. You will be given a password to access my Career Success Guides so that everything is in one easy spot. The only thing I ask is that you USE the guides and put them into action!



Express'ness Exclusives are made up of all my book bonus content for YOUR TWENTIES. Wait, whaa? We're talkin' jam packed video events (including the BRAND NOW Express'ness Series), downloadable PDFs, worksheets, meditations, and more! OH & PS, you'll also get access to all of my career success guides now and any new guides I create from here on out.

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Extraordinary Self-Love Guide

ways to ignite your inner light today

Explore four ways to ignite your self-care and cultivate more self-love in your every day life. Im not about adding more to your to-do list, we have enough going on! But I encourage you to see where you can incorporate little acts of love towards yourself each day...this guide will help spark some ideas!

Simple Healthy Detox

2 week detox program

Follow this easy, and gentle program to help return to a more balanced body. You will find recipes, wellness tips, and overall suggestions so you can being to thrive in your day to day life!

Essential Oils

100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils

I'm a certified wellness coach through the world's largest nutrition school, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I'm proud to be a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I have seen great success in mind, body, + spirit healing when using 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils like these. I encourage you to try them for yourself as well!