20-something dumped • Back to WTF


Because life isn’t linear and neither are the phases we go thru after a breakup. Sometimes we go backwards, sometimes we stall or take two jumps ahead, while other times we fall right on our face. This part of my breakup journey was a mixture of all of those together.

Once I had a grip on the fact I was no longer tackling life with my one and only, I was hit with another wave of challenge. This time it was health related. I don’t think the way I was taking care of myself helped….yeah no shit. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Hashimotos. It’s thyroid-related. Now, before you go and tell me, “Thyroid issues are super common,” they shouldn’t be, and personally, it’s not anything I’m trying to bond over. What I mean is…all beings are made to be healthy and thriving. Let’s bond over that instead.

After the diagnosis I felt lost and confused as to how this was going to impact my already rapidly changing life. At first I was in shock, thinking to myself, “How do I digest another big change in my life?”

It felt like a huge mountain to climb, lots of questions swirled my mind:

  • What changes do I need to make?

  • How does this impact my lifestyle?

  • Will I be able to do what I want to do?

  • Is this forever?

  • How do I heal?

  • Where do I find support?

  • How do I start?

  • Am I a freak?

Having Hashimoto’s essentially means my immune system is attacking my thyroid through the production of antibodies, causing it to underproduce its hormone (hypothyroidism). Our thyroid is part of the endocrine system. It’s mega important when it comes to bodily regulation on all fronts. Some of the ways I experience symptoms is via fatigue, poor memory, puffy face, hair loss, constipation, and depression to name a few.

I’m seeing a functional medicine Dr. to support me through this. We’ve done all kinds of tests and since the diagnosis in July 2018, I’ve changed a lot of different aspects of my life to greater support my body in healing. I will share a major one with you today.

In my book, there’s a chapter called, “A New View,” it’s about how to not underestimate the power of your body and that if you do, it’ll take you down. I share a story about a time my body did just that. I believe our body provides us with warning signs, hints here and there, about the direction we need to take in order to fully support and care of ourselves. It hasn’t been until this year, I’ve actually fully 100% listened.

If I were to ignore my Hashimotos the consequences can impact the ability to have a baby, the risk of developing another auto-immune related disease, mental health and heart problems. It’s worth investing some time and care into.

Detox Your Space

One of the primary causes of today’s health epidemic is the surmounting toxins in our environment. The chemical toxins in products we use every day and what we think to be healthy options for us and our families just aren’t the case. On average women use 12 products a day (6 for men) and each, over the counter, product has an average of 14 ingredients. That’s 169 unique chemicals being exposed to our bodies every day! The scary part is that a number of them are toxic! That means there are 61,320 mystery ingredients interacting with our body every year. Toxic chemicals have health impacts causing auto-immunity, hormone imbalance, fatigue, anxiety, depression, the list goes on…

More than 1,400 chemicals and chemical groups used in everyday household products are likely carcinogens. Because the beauty & wellness industry are not regulated, companies can literally put whatever they want on their packaging. The media influences what and how we buy through commercials and fancy flashy packaging. It’s not always obvious which is why it’s so important for us to get in the drivers seat and make sure we know which products are driving us to wellness.

The impact of toxic chemicals in the products I’ve used has influenced my health and has contributed to my auto-immune disease. As I heal it’s important for me to eliminate all excess stress on my body (toxins) in order to give my body the chance to heal.

By reducing my overall toxic load by swapping out store-bought products for purely natural ones, my body has space to focus on supporting me from the inside out. Notice I said, purely natural. Not ‘natural’ because it says it’s natural on the packaging. Yet another marketing gimmick to, frankly, trick us into buying something we think is safe.

Inside is where all true healing takes place. Not from some nifty shortcut, not from some pill (adderall was my drug of choice) or numbing out with pot or alcohol. Using naturally pure products for cleaning my home, makeup, and body care everyday matters. Today let’s start with natural cleaning, that actually gets the job done.

So much of what causes us to be unwell is based on lifestyle so in order to support your body in order to support you to the fullest, we must detoxify our homes and reduce the overall toxin burden our bodies so desperately need to thrive.

If this resonates, let’s unite by sharing a lightning bolt emoji on my latest instagram. Because lightening can come out of no where, but if well prepared, won’t strike without us being ready. An analogy for our health.

Resources for detoxifying your home, and therefore your body, to support it in regulation and wellness…

Jessica Smith