20-Something Dumped

I felt like I should have known. It seems really obvious to me now, but at the time, zero clue. There wasn’t any fighting, no bickering, no nothing. Just a slowly departing of emotions, which I think is the worst of its kind.

The breakup happened in May, on the 17th to be exact. I’ve now had a good 5 months under my belt. As a writer I’ve been writing the entire time, it’s kept me from floating away into an abyss of sadness. As a Projector in Human Design and Capricorn, zodiacally speaking (yes I made that word up), I always look for the pattern. What system is taking place, how can I use what I’m learning to help others…that sort of thing. Well, believe it or not I do think there are phases you go through after you get dumped. And today, I want to share them with you.

In later pieces I’m going to share with you writings from each time period. Not to torture myself by reliving it, but to connect with you who has also experienced the rug being pulled from under you. Who knows you might get some inspiration of your own, try something new or better yet…feel less alone.

Every piece I will share a resource you can use to help yourself through this phase. Whether you’re experiencing a breakup or just going through a tough time, the resources I share will be relevant.

Sharing my delicate private moments is what bonds me to people. It’s what makes us human. I believe when you’re in a state of change or transition, community is the most important thing you can surround yourself with. Beats the booze at the smelly bar down the street or box of bonbons that are only going to make you feel ill later.

Phase 1 - WTF

Phase 2 - Operation Life

Phase 3 - Investigation Time

Phase 4 - Heal

Phase 5 - The Show Must Go On

I may write multiple pieces about one phase or just share a poem I wrote from that time, we shall see what the writer within me feels like that day. That’s a lot of what this entire process has been for me…feeling shit. How to feel more and be okay with feeling whatever it is I feel. It’s fucking hard, but…it is what is it. Stay tuned and in the meantime if this resonates, send me a green heart emoji on instagram and I’ll know what’s up.

photo taken by me when having to search for a new apartment to move into

Jessica Smith