Mental Health - Ending the negative stigma and discrimination with Bring Change to Mind Bay Area Student Leaders


In this special episode of That Valley Vibe I share with you a special series of interviews from my recent speaking opportunity at the Bay Area Summit for Bring Change to Mind student leaders. 

Bring Change to Mind hosted their annual Bay Area Summit at the Twitter headquarters in San Fransisco this year. They invited student leaders from bay area schools to a full-day event where they can learn about what other student's are doing on their campus on the topic of mental health. 

I was blown away by the student's openness and courage it took to come on the show and share a little bit about about their personal stories. I ask the students to answer one of the following questions: 

1. What does feeling good look like to you?
2. What challenges do you face when it comes to mental health?
3. What people, products, and practices support you in feeling your best?

Kick back, relax and tune into the wisdom of these amazing high school students, all part of the Bring Change to Mind movement on their respective campuses. 

Jessica Smith