That Valley Vibe 21 • Self Care Coach, Maria Fendrick

Maria Fendrick



In today’s episode we cover: 

  • Fav essential oils for meditation

  • Being in alignment with who you are and how it relates to your health

  • Your -ness as your internal well of wisdom

  • Tuning in to our body by listening in to feel what resonates

A special love note from Maria: 

There are only 3 spots remaining at my intro rate in my coaching program Burnt out To Blissed Out, so I can offer a discount to 3 of your listeners there. BO2BO is a 10 week 1 on 1 coaching program.

I also teach yoga in Eagle Park in Mountain View on Wednesdays @ 6:30PM & Yin Yoga at Breathe Holistic Health in Los Altos on Thursdays @ 6:30PM. If they join through meetup and mention this podcast I can offer them $5 of the cost of a drop in!

Stay in the Know with the Self Care Coach


Yoga @ Eagle Park, Mountain View:

Yin Yoga for Surrender @ Breathe Holistic Health, Los Altos:



I'm a self care coach, ayurvedic yoga specialist, essential oil educator, artist & relentless optimist committed to helping you create a life you love. I believe it is your birthright to be happy and free and that you were put on earth to contribute something unique and indispensable. I know that when you're making time for yourself (both body & mind) you're most joyful and powerful. Your body is intelligent beyond your comprehension and I LOVE helping you tap into that intelligence. I know when there’s joy in your heart and your mind and body have the right tools, you can love the life you live & do incredible things, world changing things.

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