It's over. Here I update you on why Expressness Radio has been discontinued.

It's been fun! I've learned a ton and I hope I've helped you in some way shape or form.

I welcome thoughts, questions, concerns, comments, emojis, virtual hugs, whatever - or on insta @coachjessness

Teachers, Coaches, Teachers, Facilitators I'm learning from right now:

- Andrea Renee (Coaching as Activism Coaching Program) -

- Leesa Ranee Hall (Expressive Writing Prompts on Patreon) -

- James-Olivia Hillman (Coaching Session) -

- Layla Saad (Wild Mystic Woman Podcast) -

- Catrice M Jackson (Racial Justice Speaker, Author, Educator, Activist)-

- So You Want to Talk About Race -

Photo by Kari Shea