Let me guess…

You get home from a full day of work, change into chill clothes the minute you get home and then find yourself back online hunting for a job.

Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Apply for jobs. Sleep. Repeat.

I’ve been there. Not fun.

You’re ready for something new.

A new strategy, a new way to get you to where you want to go and I have the exact roadmap to get you there.

This training will help eliminate the busy work that comes with finding a new job. It will help you finally get clear about what you want and show you the fastest, most strategic way, to get there.


Career Success Training with Jessica Smith at jessnessrequired.com• You’re sick of applying for jobs that aren’t good for you

• You don’t want to work at just any ol company,  you want to work for a company you believe in

• You want to learn how to confidently articulate your skills

• You’re ready to negotiate what you deserve to be paid

• You’re tired of your resume getting lost in the stack

• You’re ready to be noticed and connect with your dream company

• You want a clear roadmap for how to find a new job {without all the BS and mumbo jumbo}

• You don’t have time to waste and want to spend it interviewing with opportunities that are right for you


You will have unlimited access to this course. All future additions, improvements, and updates to the course will be available to you with your one-time purchase.

• 4 Video Tutorials for each of the four lessons

• Lesson 1 – Get Clear – Find the Right Company

• Lesson 2 – Get Clear -Find the Right Job

• Lesson 3 –  Get Confident – Be Bold and Stand Out

• Lesson 4 – Get Compensated – Negotiate Pay that makes you say, YAY!

• Worksheets for each of the four lessons to help you take inspired action!

• Email templates to help you create your own dynamic emails when targeting your dream co.

• A recording of my ‘Rock Your Next Interview’ webinar hosted for the Adulting Collective community

• Access to a *secret* FB group for sharing, asking for help, and connecting with other career success students {this group is 100% private and unsearchable so you can trust none of your co-workers will see you in it!}

Are you ready to take the steps you need to improve your life? 

One time payment of $222

Two payments of $111

Charged once today and again two weeks from now.

Three payments of $77

Charged once today, again two weeks from now, and two weeks after that!



LESSON 1 - Get Clear - Find the Right Company

In this lesson, we will clearly define what you want in the company you work for next! This is something that gets overlooked A LOT but let’s be real, we spend over 40 hours a week at work! If you love what you’re doing but hate where you’re doing it….that won’t do you any good. Trust me, I’ve been there and if that’s the case for you right now, you’re likely close to {or already are} burnt out, you probably feel super bored, definitely unmotivated and more than anything wish you took the time to figure this stuff out before you signed the offer letter. In lesson 1 that is exactly what we will do.

LESSON 2 - Get Clear -Find the Right Job

In this lesson, we will clearly identify what you want in your next job! This will save you boatloads of time when swimming through the hundreds of jobs listed online. Applying for jobs and interviewing is a TON of work. If you’re not careful you will find yourself wrapped up in a never ending cycle of apply, interview, repeat and not get anywhere!

I’m sure you’ve thought about what you want before, but when did you actually sit down and make a list? {Oh, and stick to it too!} This will help you stay focused only on jobs that are going to be a good fit for you so you know the time you’re spending isn’t being wasted!

LESSON 3 - Get Confident - Be Bold and Stand Out

In this lesson, I teach you how to stand out amongst other applicants by proactively reaching out to companies you want to work for. But not just your average reach out… I will show you how to dynamically showcase who you are, and why they need to hire you. If you think your done once you hit ‘submit’ on your job application, you’re wrong. On average I receive over 400 resumes for every position I hire. That’s a lot of resumes to go through before {I might} get to yours. It’s time to confidently beat them to the punch.

LESSON 4 - Get Compensated - Negotiate Pay that makes you say, YAY!

In today’s world, little green pieces of paper are how we determine value. For instance, if you’re in the market to buy a new car part of the process is going to include evaluating cost. You’ll look at the cost in relation to the features and characteristics of the car. After you have a clear understanding of the car’s capabilities, then you can put a value on what you’re willing to pay for the car. Same thing happens when landing a new job! The company is going to look at the value you bring to the organization and determine what they’re willing to pay to have you onboard. It’s your job to express the value you bring to the co. so you can negotiate a salary that compensates you BIG time!

Are you ready to say goodbye to the old way of finding work?

Are you ready to…

• Say later to having to go through five rounds of interviews before realizing the company you are interviewing for is NOT what you’re looking for. {yikes…what a waste of time}

• Say ta-ta to accepting a job only to realize the department you’re in is not your cuppa tea.

• Say peace out to blending in with the rest of the resumes and be bold in expressing who you are, any yes, I’m asking you to make the first move. 

• Say byeeeee to pay that doesn’t make you say YAY, you deserve to be paid a salary that compensates for all the value you bring with you to work every day.

Let’s do this! Purchase this course…

OPTION 1 – One time payment of $222

OPTION 2 – Two payments of $111

Charged once today and again two weeks from now.

OPTION 3 – Three payments of $77

Charged once today, again two weeks from now, and two weeks after that!


As a technical recruiter for over 4 years, I have extensive experience in the job hunting world. I’ve seen 1,000’s of resumes, and hired 100’s of people over the course of my career! Helping someone take that next step in their career is the best feeling in the world.

What’s different about me is that my advice, tips, and strategies aren’t vague or from some article I read online, they’ve been created based on real life examples that I’ve personally been part of.

I know what hiring managers want and know how to help you articulate your skills to a future employer so you can find work you love, at a company that rocks, and paid a lot doing it!