• Carly

    Jessica offers fresh and insightful advice that is beneficial if you’re searching for a new job, or simply looking to grow in your current role, become a better teammate, improve your personal branding, and more. Jessica is clearly an expert in the career coaching space.

  • Kelsey

    Jessica is entertaining and hilarious to work with; her coaching is helpful and insightful on how to better navigate the work world and advance your career. She's provided me with unique and vital information and kept it real to fit my own individual career situation. Jessica taught me how to highlight what I do best, ways I can stand out amongst my peers, and helped me land my next interview in a way that is fun, AND productive. You won't get this anywhere else!

  • Gaby

    When I started the job hunting process, it was NOT an easy one. The motivation and support I received from Jess during that time was awesome! Jess looked over my cover letters and resume to make sure they were tailored appropriately to each company's asks. (Yes, this is a thing!) There was a time I was in a major lull after hearing NO after NO from every company I applied to. I tuned into one of Jessica's Career Coaching Webinars, it really helped me get some fire under my a** & go! It was just what I needed.

  • Yamina

    While working, I decided to start listening to podcasts instead of music. I was working as a temp, thinking about what to do for my next steps, and I came across Jess’ podcast! I found it to be inspiring, informative and reassuring. She is very good at giving advice and her upbeat personality is sure to make you smile! I highly recommend this podcasts not only if you are job hunting but also if you need a pick-me-up and want to learn a bit more about yourself.

  • Tram

    I listened to several of Jessica's podcasts and appreciate the honesty that comes through her messages as well as her authentic demeanor. She's down-to-earth and realistic about the job market, especially in the Bay Area. The tips that she provides for resume-writing, for instance, are insightful. Jessica knows the high-tech world well and gives valuable information on how to get noticed in this competitive market: Be specific and considerate of the readers' time; hit the highlights and skip the fluff.

Coaching sessions

Two 50-minute sessions each month plus a warm-up session with a mini-meditation to focus in on rockin’ it. Sessions can be held by phone or skype.

resume walk-through

We will evaluate your resume, and transform it into a dynamic personal branding tool to make sure you’re standing out in the competitive job market.

LinkedIn Review

We will work to make your LinkedIn a powerful networking tool, showcasing your personality, and vibrant with relevant work experience.

Exercises + Activities

Unique suggestions customized for your career advancement plan.


Recommended articles, books, blogs, meditations, and other tools to help support you along your transitional journey.

Genuine support from me

Expect to feel safe to share openly and comfortable to go BIG, with unconditional support and encouragement from me (100% confidentiality guaranteed).


We will follow this timeline loosely, with flexibility based on your own personal career goals:

Session 1
Resume Makeover
Session 2
Get Clear
Session 3
Build Confidence
Session 4
Session 5
Interview Practice
Session 6
Negotiating Pay

Don't wait to get noticed, BE noticed. Don't wait to get the next promotion, CREATE IT.

Schedule an intro call

Career Consoulting is grounded in four main parts:

DISCOVER – We will deep dive where you are now, in present moment. As you share with me, I will be there for you to listen unconditionally, holding space for you to openly talk about where you’re at now and where you want to see yourself next in your career. There’s something magical that happens when you’re in a safe, non-judgmental place to share.

GO WITHIN – We will explore your passions, values, strengths, interests, and core beliefs. I will help you tap into your unique internal wisdom, providing guidance and tools to help along the way. You will begin to confidently step into the beautiful inner power you were born with, and start trusting yourself with each next career decision ahead.

GET IT DONE – We will get honest! Honest with the obstacles and patterns that may be sabotaging your progress, and clarify the areas you’re holding yourself back. You must commit to doing the work and showing up for yourself 100% – if you don’t, nothing with change.

DIRECTION – As your coach, I will hold you accountable but you will bring your own motivation and commitment to keeping an open mind each session. At the end of each call we will create 2 assignments MAX specifically designed to encourage maximum career progression.

As you become clear on who you are from the inside out, kicking expectations to the curb, you will begin to see drastic changes of more joy, flow, and confidence in your career.

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About Jessica

By day, I’m a technical recruiter for a company in the silicon valley. When I’m not on the phone recruiting engineers you can find me here, as a career and wellness coach. I help 20-somethings drop expectations that come with this decade of change and transition, and go within to find who they truly are. We do this by tapping into an internal guidance they’ve had since birth, I call it your ‘ness. My mission is to empower people to step into their fullest capacity and realize what they want in life is waiting for them too!

frequently asked questions

I think I'm ready, what the first step?

The first step is the toughest to take, but you’ve already completed it…YOU ARE HERE!

The next step is to: Set Up an Intro Call with me.



What’s the difference between Express’ness Coaching and Career ConSOULting?

Express’ness Coaching* is largely focused around tuning into your ‘ness; going within to find your own internal voice of wisdom. We’ll embrace who you are from the inside out, and find more ways to do this in your daily life. We will work together to identify what might be blocking you from living a life of confidence and JOY. We’ll work with difference practices and new activities to help you embrace a natural flow; trusting that all is well as you change, and transition during this time in your life.

Career ConSOULting* is centered around finding a career path that feels good to you. Whether this means finding a new job, figuring out what you want to do, or creating steps in your current career path, it’s completely customizable for your goals. Together we will work together to tap into your your ‘ness (inner wisdom) and discover your true passions, strengths, and interests so you can make confident career decisions.

*I can also build a custom package based on your own unique career and life goals.

My coaching style is unique – it’s dynamic, fun, and comes with a lil spunk too. What you’ll find when you work with me is that I love to bring a sense of humor to everything I do. It keeps JOY built in to the process!

The first step is the toughest to take, but you’ve already completed it…YOU ARE HERE!

The next step is to: Set Up an Intro Call with me.

What if I don’t know which package is for me?

I offer a free intro call where you can share with me what you’re looking for in this type of support, and what you’re looking to accomplish. I can create a custom package based on your goals, and together we can decide what the best plan would be!

Both packages look awesome, can I combine them?

YES! Absolutely, I understand and appreciate the unique’ness in each and every person. While there are differences in each package, both have a focus SOUL-ly on going within. We can talk about what an ideal coaching package looks like for you during an intro call together.

How do I know coaching will work for me?

If you’re here, you’ve been guided to be here for a reason.

Doing this type of work takes courage, and trust in the coach you choose to work with. I honor and respect you wholeheartedly for taking the leap to explore something like this. It’s a gift to have the opportunity to work with you.

My coaching style is unique – it’s dynamic, fun, and comes with a lil spunk too. This type of work can get pretty deep at times, but what you’ll find when you work with me is that I love to bring a sense of humor to everything I do. It keeps JOY built in to the process! If we’re not having fun, what’s the point, right?

Together we will build a strong relationship and create forward momentum in your career and life. The first step is the toughest to take, but you’ve already completed it…YOU ARE HERE.

The next step is to: Set Up an Intro Call with me..

How are the coaching sessions set up?

All sessions are either over Skype, FaceTime, or by phone. Each session is a total of 50 minutes. Each coaching package is 3 months, with 2 sessions each month for a total of 6 all together. Magic!

When do coaching sessions take place?

Sessions are scheduled ahead of time using my online scheduling tool. It’s a breeze! You’ll get to choose what days/times work for you from a list of available time blocks I’ve already set aside.

Can I extend the coaching packages to add on additional sessions?

Yes, of course! We can discuss this at anytime throughout our time working together.

What if I need to cancel a session?

All reschedules and cancellations are required to be made 72 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. I prepare for each session uniquely based on where you are – I commit to you 100% therefore need the same in return from you.

How does payment work?

You and I can discuss payment options on an intro call to make sure we choose one that works best for you. Typically, payments are made via PayPal. Payment plans are available, however paying in full always includes a slight discount.

Is there a refund policy?

This is a 2-way street, if at anytime you feel you’re not getting value out of our time together, you are free to cancel future sessions and payment will be stopped immediately.

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