5 Ways to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive and Embrace 2017 with a BANG

New Years Resolutions


It all comes so quickly doesn’t it? As soon as Thanksgiving is over, Michael Bublé is playing in all stores, Christmas tree’s are on sale, and then WHAM the holiday is over.

We don’t need a holiday to keep the loving holiday spirit alive the rest of the year. Here are my top tips on how to embrace the holiday spirit all year long.

1. Be Grateful & Express It

Be vocal when you are feeling thankful for someone, share how positively someone makes you feel in the moment. Express your love for people, situations, and experiences. When we are grateful, we are being present.

We are in the moment, experiencing life in the now – share this presence with the people you are with. What we focus on expands, and grows — expressing gratitude for things that we love attract more of those things back to us. Go deep, express it BIG in 2017.

2. Give

My absolutely favorite part of Christmas is watching those I bought gifts open them. Physically seeing someone unwrap a gift is special. This usually happens twice a year – your birthday, and Christmas. It makes sense – we can save up, plan, and pick out just the right bow to go on top. Giving can also be in other ways – focusing on the other non-matieral ways of giving throughout the year will sustain us, help us stay connected with others, and keep the physical gift giving special’ness ALIVE.

Some of my favorite non-physical ways to give is through support – lending an ear to listen, hugs – to spread the good vibes baby, and humor – to (hopefully) make someone laugh. In the new year ignite your resolutions with the gift of giving, minus the bow on top!

3. Dine with Others

Throughout the year we are busy in our routines, running around with our to-do list in hand, rushing to the next appointment or meeting. It can be easy to get into a solo routine – doing things on our own time  – dinner, gym, sleep, etc. I think one of the big reasons the holidays are such a hit (besides all the amazing cards) is because we can to dine with others. We gather and use teamwork to create a delicious meal, “Pass the basket of love please.”

Including group meals to your calendar where you invite others to your home to eat is something we can do any time throughout the year. For the new year, create a tradition during a time of year there aren’t many holidays and have a mid-year get together…fancy dressing and all.

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4. Decorate

Christmas brings festivities galore to the home – the twinkle lights, a big tree with smells of pine, mini Santa’s everywhere, garland on every banister, cinnamon fragrant candles, it definitely adds to the holiday experience! It’s fun to see your home look different, to mix it up, change is refreshing to our eyes.

Why not decorate throughout the year – Now, I’m not saying rent out two more storage lockers just so you have enough decor for all year, and I’m definitely not saying crowd your house so full you feel claustrophobic – just a few things. The front door decor, candles, bathroom items, subtle changes…enough to notice, but not enough to have to trip over when you’re walking into your house! As the seasons change maybe you switch out the color of towels you use, little things to help facilitate the change and keep your home fresh and new. Mix it up in 2017!


Those who know me, know I’m a HUGE card fan – I love making them by hand, sending them by snail-mail, and best of all hearing about when my deliver has been delivered! Who doesn’t love getting mail? Especially now as I get older, most my mail is bogus credit card offers, letters about my retirement (what?), and bills.

Whoever invented the Christmas card tradition was a genius. Why only send out mail once a year? Know someone in another state? Boom, there’s your new pen pal.

Send little notes, photos, things that remind you of that person. You don’t have to be texting or snapchatting to connect – keep it old fashion and keep sharing your life with others. The more technology plays a role in our lives and becomes more involved with everything we do, it’s important we make sure we are working to connect in a human to human way. Find a pen pal, get your markers out, and get to know your mail man in 2017.