061 | When to Quit Your Job – How to know when it’s the right time to quit and find something new

In today’s episode, I share with you a simple strategy for assessing your unhappiness at work. Without knowing what specifically is making you unhappy, guess what? You’re going to stay unhappy.

I also share how to use the information so you can make the tough choice: whether to stay or quit and find something new. This is no easy question to answer and today’s show will give you a solid process for figuring out what you should do.

The best part of this strategy is that when you take yourself through each of the steps, by the end you will know with 100% confidence what to do next. This strategy gives you a process to follow so you know when you decide to quit you made the decision from a thoughtful and logical place.

Here’s a mini overview of the four steps we’ll dive into during the show:

1 Assess the situation – first, we’ll figure out what specifically is making you unhappy

2 Determine the owner – then we’ll figure out who is responsible for the things causing you unhappiness

3 Take action – there are two roads of action to take, we’ll look at how to take action in both and how you can start TODAY

a. Either make changes yourself


b. Ask for what you need form your boss/company/etc.

4. Make a decision

Making a tough decision like this takes time. The reason it takes time is that in order to make a solid decision we first have to move out of our head and into our body. When we make decisions from that kind of place, we know we’re making the best possible choices for ourselves.

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